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Kodi 21.0 "Omega" Beta 1 - Primeiro lançamento Beta

Kodi 21.0 "Omega" Beta 1 - Primeiro lançamento Beta
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Este é um lançamento importante, então, como seria de esperar, ele vem com muitos recursos novos. No entanto, com uma mudança básica no FFmpeg 6.0, há uma boa hipótese de que alguns problemas possam ocorrer. 
Como tal, Se experimentares, recomendamos seriamente que faças um Backup. 

As mudanças foram muitas e significativas. Vamos dar uma vista de olhos nas principais.

  • A number of changes to the cmake build system have been made. These will be mostly invisible to users, but the intention is to modernise our cmake usage to prepare us for the future more easily.
  • The cmake build system, when targeting Multi Config Generators (VS/Xcode), will now create a full complete build directory to allow a Kodi executable to be run immediately without the direct use of an IDE like VS. This is also the start to allow us to build dependencies for Windows for shared libraries, and be able to package them correctly.
  • A number of fixes to allow building with GCC13 have been made. This mostly involved the transitive inclusion of headers in system headers being removed/changed. The fixes have been to explicitly include those headers in our code.

Estuary, Estouchy


  • A bug was recently introduced that led to external subtitle entries becoming unavailable on streamdetails. This was fixed in
  • A fix to allow .strm files to properly use resume points was made by @Acidzero2020.
  • An improvement to the Event Log "toast" notifications has been made by @DaVukovic to provide more meaningful information when an item fails to scrape TV Shows.

  • A fix to allow Python addons to correctly handle custom controller button inputs was made by @icr8ions. This allows addons like the Keymap Editor to correctly recognise and handle actions from custom controllers (

  • A PR that extends the Python 'generic artist' scraper to fetch the associated YouTube video links for an artist from theaudiodb, and then match them up to songs already scanned into the user's music library. This allows skins to then display links to the corresponding song video. More information can be see in the PR from @the-black-eagle (


Platform Specifics


  • We don't have too many improvements to our FreeBSD port, however @lrusak has brought FreeBSD in line with Linux with its usage of the command line argument --audio-backend (

  • A fix for a crash with Pipewire was contributed by @dobo90.
  • @lrusak has implemented a command line switch (--gl-interface=<interface>) to replace the old environment variable usage of KODI_GL_INTERFACE (
  • Kodi's usage of the system ping utility has been replaced with an internal implementation (
  • DRMPrime has had a check based on pitch value removed as it was causing failures with some formats, like single plane and/or compressed ones, where the pitch can be 0 and therefore it has no meaning. Thanks @jernejsk (


  • @quietvoid has contributed a fix to allow webOS to play back AV1 DolbyVision files on supported devices (
  • Support to allow webOS to to suspend to background rather than exit was made by @sundermann (
  • With the support to suspend/minimise for webOS, behaviour to pause/resume media playback when Kodi is minimised/restored has been implemented by @sundermann.
  • Initial support for webOS 4 devices has been implemented by @mariotaku.



Se gostas de estar na frente no que toca a experimentar, podes fazer download do Beta 1 aqui. Selecionas a plataforma da tua preferência e consulta a seção "Pré-lançamento". 
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