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Kodi "Nexus" (20) - Alfa 1 - A nova versão do Kodi está aí!

Kodi "Nexus" (20) - Alfa 1 - A nova versão do Kodi está aí!
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A equipa do Kodi lançou a primeira versão do novo Kodi 20, que é chamado de Nexus e a Nova versão é a Alpha 1, como de costume, uma versão ainda não estável.
Este é um grande lançamento, e vem com muitos novos recursos. No entanto, inevitavelmente poderá causará problemas para algumas pessoas.

Como tal, convém estar ciente de que a instalação disso inevitavelmente pode trazer problemas para algumas funcionalidade e add-ons que tenhas instalado.

O que realmente mudou?

A equipa do Kodi partilhou aquilo que mudou, vamos então ver:

  • AV1 hardware decoding for Android. PR
  • AV1 hardware decoding for Linux via VAAPI PR
  • Bump to FFMPEG 4.4 PR

  • Add new font style settings such as border size/colour, background type/colour/opacity, shadow colour/opacity, and blur
  • Add support to display subtitles with dynamic positions which make use of position tags
  • Add underlined and strikethrough text style support
  • Add a new wide colour palette in colour settings
  • Add a new setting to change text alignment for closed caption subtitles for a better reading
  • Add a new setting to override subtitles metadata like style and position
  • Improved font size that now match the point/pixel proportion
  • When Kodi is in windowed mode subtitles are now always displayed correctly
  • Improved VPlayer for better reading of multiline text
  • Improved SAMI format to better support multiple languages
  • Improved TX3G format to support multiple styles, colours and alpha channel
  • ASS/SSA subtitles are displayed without flickering
  • Improved image-based subtitle rendering to keep a better aspect ratio
  • Add support to the WebVTT subtitle format type
  • Improved font list setting - the actual names of the fonts are now listed
  • Add support to OpenType font type (OTF)
  • Improved calibration window, so it's now possible to also reset the calibration settings
  • Subtitle settings can now be changed while in playback without side effects

  • Fix resume of Blu-Rays and DVD ISOs in file mode (not in library)
  • Fix playback of some optical discs on Linux due the incorrect mapping of mountpoints
  • On Linux optical media is now mounted by default (via udisks)
  • Partial code cleanup and platform split of disc drive handling
  • Skin cosmetics
  • Fix duplicated context menu items

  • Fix EDL mute sections and EDL cuts

  • Fix wrap lists
  • Fix hitrect on auto sized buttons
  • Fix some context menu options not triggering the respective builtin action
  • Independent volume setting for GUI sounds PR
  • Password reveal button in keyboard dialog PR

  • Added Steam Deck built-in controller support

  • Add a new Colour Picker window dialog to allow display a colour list
  • Improved image control to support read dynamic $INFO data to "colordiffuse" tag
  • Improved Player Process Info window - new information has been added and grouped by context
  • New media flags for HDR videos: detect, store and process the type of HDR in a video file PR
  • Skinners can now define modal dialogs if its visibility depends on Boolean condition evaluation
  • Deprecation of old infolabels with the introduction of new generic ones (e.g. Player.Editlist, Player.Cuts, etc)

  • Estuary PVR Home Screen: New widget for timers (replacing old current/next recording widget)
  • Estuary PVR Home Screen: Add percentage played progress bars to Recent Channels and Recent Recordings widgets
  • Estuary PVR Home Screen: Change default click action to open the Guide window
  • Improve display of EDL markers on the default skin (EDL mutes are now shown, cut sections are also identified)

  • Savestate manager for Retroplayer with captions describing the state of the game provided by PR
  • In-game Port Setup dialog to change between game controllers PR

Platform Specifics
  • UNIX Family Platforms:
    • Implement WS-Discovery (SMB discovery) for *ix platforms (Android/Linux/Apple) PR
  • iOS/TVOS:Improved Siri Remote handling PR
    • Improved "Now Playing" info PR
  • macOS:
    • Initial support for M1 native including native windowing/input handling PR NOTE: We do not provide prebuilt M1 dmg's. Any devs willing to work on ironing out the many corner cases of the native windowing implementation, don't hesitate to ping @fuzzard on the forums if you have any questions.
    • Extend GameController support to OSX PR
    • Many code cleanups/refinements/refactors
  • Android:
    • Update Android build to use Gradle for signing/aligning/packing PR
  • Linux:
    • Add ACES/Hable Tonemapping for GLES PR
    • More BiCubic Shaders for GLES PR
    • Pipewire support PR
  • Windows:
    • New setting to use 10 bit swapchain for SDR videos. Improves video quality and more precise colour conversions: YUV to RGB, limited to full range, shaders, etc. This is true even if video output is limited to 8 bit RGB by system or graphics driver. PR
    • Improved DXVA2 (HW video decoding) performance by sharing decoding and rendering surfaces. Avoids video copy operations and drastically reduces video memory usage on NVIDIA and AMD graphics using recent drivers. PR
  • i8n supportHarfbuzz rendering for scripts with open type font shaping features PR

  • Channels and Recordings can specify a provider PR
  • Read-only recordings supported
  • EPG Search: Add Saved Searches, incl. new Estuary PVR Home Screen widget
  • Channel Manager: Add possibility to refresh all channel logos
  • Settings: Add possibility to specify which data to delete when resetting PVR database
  • Automatic cleanup of cached PVR images (texture.db and cached image files)
  • Functional Improvements for multi PVR Add-on scenarios
  • Performance improvements, esp. for large number of channels

Build System/Dependencies
  • Most dependencies have been updated to latest, or close to, for Apple/Android platforms
  • Many cmake updates to update build system

  • Many many updates/changes to use std::chrono throughout the code base

  • Colour Picker PR
  • Colour button setting PR
  • Add support to add video HDR type info to a video list item
  • Function for removing orphaned dependencies recursively PR

Se quiseres experimentar já o podes fazer através do seguinte link:

Selecionas a plataforma que pretendes e procuras na seção "Pré-lançamento". É uma versão de lançamento, não estável e por isso sabes que nestas andanças ainda ´+e tudo muito verde.
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