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Kodi "Nexus" - Release Alfa 2 lançada

Kodi "Nexus" - Release Alfa 2 lançada
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A equipa do Kodi lançou uma nova release do novo Kodi 20, Nexus e a Nova versão é a Alpha 2, como de costume, uma versão ainda não estável.
Kodi "Nexus" - Release Alfa 2 lançada
Nesta versão vêm algumas correções necessárias como já é costume durante o processo de lançamento de uma nova versão.

Como tal, convém estar ciente de que a instalação disso inevitavelmente pode trazer problemas para algumas funcionalidade e add-ons que tenhas instalado.

Vamos então ver as notas de lançamento para ver o que mudou:

Platform Specific


Fix a stutter when the Kodi Android app was opened, closed and opened again. One of our team members (@thexai) noticed an issue with a recent PR that caused media stuttering to occur only after the app was opened and closed and reopened again without a force close. @ksooo has come up with a fix, so hopefully playback should be a better experience over Alpha 1.

Another TrueHD fix - buffers reduced to a specific level to optimise data throughput - Android: Adjust buffer size/duration for TrueHD IEC.

More local app icons should render fully in Kodi - Android: CFileAndroidApp::ReadIcon: Add support for icons provided a....

Fix a packaging error for binary python modules (pycryptodome) - Android: packaging: don't delete cryptodome libraries from depends i....


Android and Apple systems have had their Python version bumped to 3.9.13 in accordance with the latest release of the CPython 3.9 series. Of note, there have been fixes by the CPython team specifically for issues raised by Kodi community members around some crashes. Thanks to those members raising the upstream issues, and the fantastic CPython team for fixing them.

Please note, this does not affect any of our Windows releases, or if you are using Linux.

FilesystemsFix a regression that caused thumbnails to not appear when accessed from "remote" filesystems (e.g. WebDAV) - fixed: URIUtils::IsInternetStream() didn't properly handle filesystem....

Closed CaptionsFix an instance of Closed Captions not working. A forum member was able to provide an extremely helpful sample that allowed @enen92 to track down an issue with closed captions not working correctly. Incidentally, this also fixes Closed Captions for some Inputstream.Adaptive streams as confirmed by @CastagnaIT.


Thumbnail Images

Reduce "quality" of thumbnail creation - FFmpegImage: Reduce quality a tiny bit

NOTE: An advanced setting is available for those users who wish to alter the default further. More information can be found on the wiki.

SkinningA couple of skinning changes have been introduced. gui: info: Add VideoPlayer.Art(type) and positional variants and gui: info: Add Addon.Setting* infos.

Removal of player.DisplayAfterSeek - gui: info: Remove Player.DisplayAfterSeek.

Diffuse fading animations - Added diffuse fading animation effect .

VideoPlayer.Art(type) and positional variants - gui: info: Add VideoPlayer.Art(type) and positional variants.

Este é um lançamento Alfa, por isso é aconselhável fazer backup e também é provável ter alguns problemas com alguns add-on que já tenhas instalados.

Podes obter a versão Alpha 2 a partir daqui. Seleciona a tua plataforma e procura na seção "Pré-lançamento".
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